The Runners' Family House
Loonatics roadrunner house

First Appearance

The Family Business

The Runners' Family house is the house where Rev’s family lives. The house is built upon a cliff in the desert, presumably where the Roadrunner’s would be safe from coyote’s. The house is seen in The Family Business when Rev brings Tech to his house to help him on an invention of his.

The house is a three story that has a large flat roof which is where Rev and Tech worked on Rev’s “Robo Amigo”. Rev’s dad, Ralph Runner has a private work office in the house which only he is allowed to go in. However, as a special privilege, he permitted Rev to go inside as he was proud of his new found success.



  • The cliff that support and surround the house as well as the location itself is a reference to the Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner shorts.