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Rev Runner is the sixth main character of Loonatics Unleashed. He is a head-spinningly quick character, in more ways than one. He is the descendant of Road Runner. He wears a red uniform and unlike his ancestor, Rev speaks normal English rather than say "meep, meep".

General KnowledgeEdit

Before gaining his powers, Rev was a delivery boy for Quick Wrap Sandwich Shack and a inventor who was always late, even while using rocket skates he created.


Tech E. CoyoteEdit

Tech is good friends with Rev despite the rivalry between coyotes and roadrunners. Being the only one capable of understanding Tech's highly academic speech, the two are usually seen talking and working on inventions together, though he is no where near as smart as Tech. Tech sometimes gets annoyed by Rev when he won't stop talking.

Bia JetstreamEdit

Like Bia, Rev wears red. He and Bia had a wonderful relationship. Bia's smile and her seductive look in her eyes which made Rev nervous sometimes, even though he is a roadrunner and Bia is a human girl, she still likes him.


His father is named Ralph "Pa" Runner and his mother is Harriet "Ma" Runner. He also has a younger brother named Rip Runner. They were all introduced in the episode "The Family Business". His father owns a very successful gadget company and expects Rev to take over the family business rather than continue with his "dead end" job as a superhero. When Rev spends time with his family to build his Robo Amigo, his little brother Rip becomes jealous of Rev's talent as an inventor and superhero while having all of their father's attention. After Rip was possessed by the Bio-Tech Parasite, he acted out on his dark feelings of jealousy towards Rev and took control of Robo Amigos to destroy Acmetropolis. After Rev got the parasite off, Rip apologized for nearly destroying the city, but Rev apologized for not being a better brother. Soon after, Pa uses one of Rip's marketing ideas and Robo Amigo becomes successful, making him finally noticed by his father.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Rev Space Outfit

Rev as seen in his Space Outfit on the episode Acmegeddon part II.

  • Sonic Speed - Rev has the ability to run at supersonic speeds, achieving a velocity clocked at 9887.9 meters-per-second, giving him a mach rating of 29, much faster than his roadrunner ancestors. He also uses this ability to enhance his kicking.
    • Speed Talking - Unlike his ancestor, who only made a "meep-meep" noise, Rev can actually talk, though usually at high speed, sometimes annoying or confusing others. In numerous episodes, it is shown that without his powers, Rev, like his brother Rip, speaks at a normal speed...that is, more slowly than the average anthropomorphic roadrunner (although, curiously, he retains his rapid speech when swapping powers with Tech after an incident with a DNA scrambler in "The World is My Circus").
  • Global Positioning - Rev possesses a sixth sense that functions as a psychic GPS-tracking system that allows him to locate the position of other organisms.
    • Clairvoyance - This ability acts as a sort of clairvoyance primarily utilized by Rev to prevent himself from crashing into structures while he travels at high speeds, but it can also be used actively so that he can track down hostiles and evaluate the situation in a dense, urban setting.
    • Hologram Projection - Rev can create a hologram of the things he sees.
  • Flight - Unlike normal roadrunners in the cartoons, Rev is able to fly in the air with a blaze surrounding him by flapping his arms while using his Sonic Speed. Though Rev can sustain unassisted flight, he has rockets built into his boots and a veil of zero point energy spread between his arms and his flanks, like wings, that allow him to hang motionless in the air.
  • Enhanced Strength - The physical strength of Rev is enough speed to keep the weight of the things that he transports.
  • Genius-Level Intellect - A lesser noted fact is that Rev is actually quite intelligent. He often serves as Tech's technical assistant, and frequently translates Tech's highly scientific vocabulary when the other Loonatics fail to understand him. Rev can usually solve (or at least understand) problems and situations that would otherwise be considered Tech's exclusive field of expertise, although it could be argued that his intelligence is largely due to his brain functioning at a much faster rate than others.
    • Superior Mechanical Intellect - In the second season, the bright/inventor aspect of his character was featured, to the point of creating some rivalry between him and Tech. However, in the episode "The Family Business", it proved that Tech is the better inventor.


  • Rev is the only Loonatic who cannot physically harm the enemy via projected attacks (Though he has used his enhanced speed to augment his kicks as shown against Massive).
  • It's most likely possible that Rev and the rest of the Runners gained limbs and speech through evolution.
  • His name may have been inspired by rapper Rev Run.
  • Due to Rev's hyper attitude he is guessed to be the youngest member of the Loonatics. Most fans would guess he is around 18 or 19 years old.
  • In the original trailer Rev's name was Roadster.
  • Rev is the only member of the Loonatics who's family has been in an episode.
  • He is voiced by Rob Paulsen who has voiced many other cartoon characters for Warner Brothers including "Fowlmouth" on Tiny Toon Adventures, "Pinky" from "Pinky and the Brain" and "Yakko" from "Animaniacs".
  • Rev and his family were the only WB roadrunner's who talked when all Road Runner & Little Beeper would say is "Meep Meep!" Although Ralph Runner said "Meep Meep!" at random in his appearance.
  • His original feather color is blue.
  • In the first prototype, his name was Roadster and he had sharp wings. His suit color was also blue.


"Ooh! I wanna try that! I wanna try! I wanna try! Here it goes!" - Weathering Heights
(To Tech) "Really? Maybe it's being done by that same person who's not smarter than you." - The Heir Up There


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