Ralph "Pa" Runner




Road Runner


Harriet "Ma" Runner (wife)
Rev Runner (eldest son)
Rip Runner (younger son)

First Appearance

The Family Business

Voiced By

Daran Norris

Rev Runner's father, Ralph Runner owns a gadget business that he has always wanted Rev to join him in. Because of his devotion to Rev, he pointedly ignores his younger son Rip. He seems to been bestowed the same speed powers by the meteorite as Rev.

Even when Rip thinks up a better way to market a gadget that Rev worked up, Ralph ignores the suggestion. However, after Rip is temporarily manipulated by a Bio-Tech Parasite, Ralph begins to see that he should give his younger son a chance. His eating style, natural superspeed, favorite catchphrase being "Sweet meep-meep!" and personal issues with coyotes such as Tech E. Coyote are all deliberate references to the relationship between Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner.


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