Pierre Le Pew



First Appearance

I Am Slamacus

Voice Actor

Maurice LaMarche

Pierre Le Pew is the head of an illegal wrestling federation known as the Extreme Ultimate Intergalactic Only One Fighter Comes Out Of It Alive Federation (E.U.I.O.O.F.C.O.O.I.A.F.), as well as the owner of the Max Arena where the fights take place. He is human like Mr. Leghorn, but based on Pepé Le Pew. Pierre has skunk-colored hair, a French accent, and uses stinky cologne. Although he appears to be a descendant of Pepé Le Pew he probably is not, as Pepé was a skunk and Pierre is human.


In "I Am Slamacus", he convinced Slam Tasmanian to fight in his arena as a wrestler. He wields a cane with many functions, including the power to teleport himself and others and having full control over the Max Arena, especially its main ring. Pierre is disarmed of his cane and apprehended at the end of the episode.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Pierre has very long, skunk-colored hair that extends slightly past his waist that is held in a ponytail with a golden ring-like hair bead, as well as a long nose. He wears a black suit with a white lining and a white stripe on the left side, which goes over a red dress shirt with a black collar with a golden button, as well as white shoes.

Appearances Edit

Season 2 Edit


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