Melina Duck
Melina as poision ivy by sony mae






Danger Duck
Ace Bunny
Tech E. Coyote
Slam Tasmanian
Lexi Bunny
Bia Jetstream
Laura Jane Coyote
Agnes Devil


Kinetic Charging

Voice Actress

Melissa Joan Hart




Slumber parties, shopping with her best friends, Danger Duck (sometimes), brushing her hair


Danger Duck (sometimes), Duck flirting with her, Duck's love for money, getting her hair messed up


Melissa Duck

Melina Duck is the love interest of Danger Duck of Loonatics Unleashed. She is one of Lexi's closest friends and has a love-hate relationship with Duck. She is the descendant of Melissa Duck. She has red hair and yellow feathers and has a very hot temper.

Relationships Edit

Danger DuckEdit

Her relationship with Duck is a lot like a love-hate relationship. Whenever Duck flirts with Melina, she gets ticked off and smacks him in the face. Whenever Duck feels sad or scared, Melina feels sorry for him, although they were both ducks, she still loves him.

Agnes Devil Edit

Unlike Melina, Agnes has orange hair. Like her best friends Lexi Bunny and Laura Coyote, both she and Agnes became sister-figures to Bia Jetstream.


  • Like Duck, Melina has a love-hate relationship with him.
  • Melissa Joan Hart also did the voice for Sabrina Spellman from "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" TV series with the same voice tone.
  • Melina's favorite color is aquamarine.

Gallery Edit

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