Laura Jane Coyote is the love interest of Tech E. Coyote of Loonatics Unleashed. She is Bia Jetstream's best friend and loves painting and sketching pictures. She is a white female coyote and is a sister-figure to Bia.

Laura Jane Coyote
Laura coyote as april o neal by sony mae-d398ng5






Tech E. Coyote
Ace Bunny
Danger Duck
Slam Tasmanian
Rev Runner
Lexi Bunny
Bia Jetstream
Melina Duck
Agnes Devil


Force Fields

Voice Actress

Cree Summer




Tech E. Coyote, spending time with her friends, Tech's inventions, shopping, painting, sketching


Duck teasing Bia, Pierre Le Pew trying to woo Bia, Tech's inventions being broken or malfunctioned, messy things, Sypher, her paintings ruined

Relationships Edit

Tech E. Coyote Edit

Her relationship with Tech is really smart. Like her boyfriend, she invents new things and like her best friend Bia Jetstream, Laura was interested in Tech's greatest inventions.

Bia Jetstream Edit

Her relationship with Bia is pretty. Like their boyfriends Tech and Rev, she and Bia are best friends. Laura becomes a sister-figure to Bia.

Trivia Edit

  • Laura was inspired by a white female coyote from the "Looney Tunes" cartoon, "Operation: Rabbit".
  • Cree Summer also did the voice for Susie Carmichael from on both "Rugrats" and "All Grown Up!" with the same voice tone.
  • Laura's favorite colors are blue and green.


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