Dr. Fidel Chroniker
Chroniker 02



First Appearance

Time After Time


Jeff Bennett


Dr. Fidel Chroniker is the leading scientist of the time displacement theory. He is rather reclusive due to his knowledge of technologies that could alter time, which is why little is said about his Time Displacer other than its basic function. Even Tech E. Coyote, the super genius that he is and being familiar with Dr. Fidel Chroniker's research, was still unable (or perhaps unwilling) to emulate his creation and was even intrigued when he saw that the Doctor's invention worked. Therefore, Dr. Fidel Chroniker's research was in theory only and the real data concerning the operation of such powers was withheld.


Time Skip

Arthur "Time Skip" Chroniker is Dr. Fidel Chroniker's grandson who attempted to take over Acmetropolis; he was defeated by the Loonatics.


Season 1