Loonatics Unleashed3
The main characters of the Loonatics Unleashed series. These characters are the descendants of the classic Looney Tunes characters, according to multiple press releases and official sources. Descendants of other Looney Tunes are unverified.


Ace Bunny - Team Leader

Lexi Bunny - Sub Leader

Danger Duck - Powerhouse

Slam Tasmanian - Brute Force

Tech E. Coyote - Tech supporter

Rev Runner - Speed Mobility


Zadavia - the Loonatics' boss.emmmememem

Dr. Fidel Chroniker - Time Displacer Creatormemejemeje

EmejejejejeuThe Royal Tweetums - Prince of Planet Blanc

Colonel Trench -  A metropolis Weapons Laboratory commandernememdmeme


Optimatus - Loonatics Main Enemynsnsnsns

General Deuce - Remorseless Assassinnsnsnsns

Massive - Gravity Manipulationjsjsms snsjeje

JjjsjsnnsjsjsjssjsWeather Vane - Wheather Controljememejsjejememe

Sypher - Power Transfer

Mastermind - Diabolical Genius

Time Skip - Time Control

Black Velvet - Shadow Zone

Shadowborgs - Minions

Electro J. Fudd - Master Hunter

Pierre Le Pew - illegal arena chief

Ophiuchus Sam - Thief

Dr. Dare - Scientists

Sylth Vester - Enemy of jejememememejeememejej

Pinkster Pig- Criminal mastermind

Stoney and Bugsy - Criminalsjejememememeemememeisi

Queen Grannicus - Monarchy Hijacking

Rupes Oberon - Universal criminal

Ringmaster - Species and gene manipulation

Otto the Odd - Criminal collector

Sagittarius Stomper - Strong criminal

Adolpho - Underwater telepathic

Gunnar the Conqueror - Robotic viking king


Misty Breeze-Weather Girl

Rip Runner- Rev's Brother

Harriet "Ma" Runner- Rev's Mother

Ralph "Pa" Runner-Rev's Father

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