Black Velvet




Mind Control
Claw Arm

First Appearance

The Cloak of Black Velvet

Voice Actress

Vivian A. Fox

Black Velvet was a woman whose eyes were damaged when the meteor hit, forcing her to live in darkness. She also has a mechanical arm and an ability to create and manipulate darkness.


Velvet planned to use a device, called the Shroudcaster, to cover the entire planet in permanent darkness. Velvet abducted and brainwashed Tech E. Coyote to help her complete her task. She also had an army of Shadowborgs (who are also brainwashed), with which she stole the necessary components. However, Danger Duck was able to break her hold over Tech using an annoying cell-phone ringtone and the rest of the Loonatics reversed the polarity of the Shroudcaster. With the device's destruction came the implosion of city blimp, she was said to have gotten away by Zadavia.

Powers and abilities Edit

  • Umbrakinesis - Black Velvet's powers were based on the manipulation of darkness. She could cover large areas in pitch blackness and was forced to live in permanent darkness.
  • Levitation - She could levitate and fly in an upright position without any apparent means of propulsion.
  • Robot Arm - Velvet had a high-tech multipurpose cannon instead of her right hand. It could fire bolts of darkness which could either trap a target inside a spherical force field or ensnare them with tendrils made of solid darkness.
  • Mind Control - By firing small particles of darkness into a person's face, she could brainwash them into becoming her loyal servants.
  • Electrokinesis - During her fight with Ace, Velvet could fire arcs of lightning from the inside of her cape.
  • Skilled Scientist - Black Velvet was skilled in several fields of science. She created an enormous flying futuristic blimp which served as her home and base of operations. However to fulfill her plans she needed Tech's assistance, indicating she had her limits.

Equipment Edit

  • Blimp - Velvet used an enormous blimp as her mobile base of operations.
  • Shadowborgs - She had an army of brainwashed cyborgs which served as her foot soldiers. They were armed with maces or axes.


  • Production and concept art of her depicted her as looking more realistic.
    • All humans in the series looked more realistic in early concept art.

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