Bia Jetstream
Bia s new clothes by sony mae-d2zp88c






Vlad Jetstream (father)

Madeline Jetstream (mother)

Jeri Jetstream (younger sister)


Rev Runner

Ace Bunny

Tech E. Coyote

Danger Duck

Slam Tasmanian

Lexi Bunny

Laura Jane Coyote

Melina Duck

Agnes Devil


Electric Powers

Voice Actress

Mae Whitman




Rev Runner, panda bears, shopping, wearing outfits, Lexi Bunny, Danger Duck (sometimes), Tech's inventions, Laura Coyote


Dirt, Danger Duck (sometimes), Pierre Le Pew, frizzy hair, messy things, Duck teasing her

Bia Jetstream is the love interest of Rev Runner of Loonatics Unleashed. She is Lexi's best friend and loves wearing outfits. She is a descendant of Penelope Pitstop from "Wacky Races" and "The Many Perils of Penelope Pitstop". She wears a pink jumpsuit and like her ancestor, Bia turns out to be a damsel-in-distress.


Rev RunnerEdit

Her relation to Rev is so clear. She and Rev both have families. She had parents named Vlad and Madeline Jetstream and her younger sister is Jeri Jetstream. Like Rev, Bia wears red sometimes.

Lexi BunnyEdit

Like Bia, Lexi has blonde hair. Lexi becomes a sister-figure to Bia.

Laura CoyoteEdit

Her relationship with Laura is so pretty. Like Lexi, Laura becomes a sister-figure to Bia.

Tech E. CoyoteEdit

Like Rev, Bia was fascinated in Tech's greatest inventions like Laura.

Danger DuckEdit

Like Melina, Bia dislikes Duck's obnoxious behavior. Duck calls Bia "Barbie" sometimes when he teases her, which causes Bia to get mad at him.


  • Bia was inspired by a Barbie doll from the "Barbie" films and franchises.
  • Mae Whitman also did the voice of Tinker Bell on the "Disney Fairies" movies with the same voice tone.
  • Bia's favorite colors are pink, red, white, and light blue.


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